Spot Your Train - Live Status

Train Live Status:

Spot train - Now you can track your current running train or spot your train with the help of the 5 digit train number. Spot ur train is quite easy way to check live rail status.

We are proudly announced our new official spot ur train portal where you can track the train/spot train instantly with the help of the train number - we collect the data from the website.

Where To Find The Train Number?

Physical Ticket : If you get the physical ticket, then on top of the ticket at corner side you will find your train number. Like 17025, 12086. Your train number must contain 5 Digits. Once you got the number just enter that number on that search box.

E-Ticket - If you got the E-Ticket from the official IRCTC website. Then please do check your message once, where you will find your train number. Just enter the train number to sport your train.

Note: All the data which has been listed on this spot train portal are real time, which will get updated every second.

Spot train in one of the finest and real time update of your current train. With the help of the spot train you will get to know the current status of the train in real time. So, that you will get to know where your train is, delay time, current running time.

Spot Your Train - Live Train Running Status

Below we cover the step by step process on how to access spot train portal.

Enter Train Number To Spot The Location:

After you enter your train number, a list will appear below where you can check following details are correct or not.

Submit The Details:

Once you enter the train number, just click on submit.

Real Time Data:

Once you entered the train number, you will get to know the status of the current train in the following format.

  • Train Number/Train Name
  • Source/Destination
  • Position
  • Date

Check if the train number you entered is correct then to know the location of your train and time have taken to reach the station you need to see the journey date on the right-hand side where you can find the position and time taken for the train to reach the source destination.

This is how spot train works. Hope this portal will help you out to to track the current train status @spot train

With the increase in technology, now we are able to locate the trains in India by GPS. IRCTC has made easy access to spot your train and let to know the information to the passengers. Earlier in those days, people were in confusion to know that of their train has departed already or yet to come.

To overcome these IRCTC has now introduced a new service for passengers to know about their train running position.The following information here will help you to locate your train in running position. Now every passenger on the journey day can be able to locate their train in a single click.

Now we are going to tell you to know how to locate your train in a single click. All you need is to remember your train number or you can look for the number on your ticket.